HtruO: Easy Decision, Easy to Buy, Easy to Install

Our ambitions at HtruO are not only to provide the best water filtration system to our customers, but to also take things one step further. What good is ordering a whole house water filtration system if you don’t have qualified professionals there to assist you in installing it? You don’t want just anyone coming into your home. You want peace of mind knowing that the plumber stopping by is knowledgeable in what he is doing, and has been pre-screened through an astringent process to assure you the most effective result.

Realizing the need for excellent service, HtruO President Chris Muller says:

We knew our product was a no brainer. The one hurdle we faced was the last leg. How would we make it easy for the purchasers of HtruO to have our units installed?

We spoke to Angie’s List and then For our business model there was only one choice for us. Angie’s List is a forum for homeowners to voice their opinions after an experience, which is important. ServiceMagic however, works throughout the process to make sure the experience is a positive one.

During check out on customers are asked if they need assistance with the install.  If they choose yes, their information including the date and time desired is sent to ServiceMagic.  A pre-screened, licensed and insured plumber is then assigned.  A ServiceMagic Representative walks the customer through the process from start to end.  HtruO customers have raved about the level of customer service they receive.

Working with ServiceMagic provides a whole new layer of customer service for our consumers. When someone purchases HtruO and chooses the install option, it gives me great comfort to know that ServiceMagic will pick up the ball and insure that our customer’s expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

ServiceMagic professionals are not only pre-qualified for customer care and general plumbing knowledge, but are also familiarized with the specifics of the HtruO systems and parts. Consistency and reliability are what you can expect, not just from your new HtruO whole house water filtration system, but from our valued partners at ServiceMagic®.

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