How It Works

The HtruO Whole House Water Filtration System removes chlorine, chlorination-by-products, dirt and particulate from municipally supplied water. Since HtruO is installed right on the main water line, right after it enters your home and before it splits, HtruO is positioned perfectly to aide in the removal of impurities from all the water in your house, apartment or condominium. HtruO ensures that each and every fixture in your home receives clean, filtered, de-chlorinated water that smells and tastes great.

HtruO provides clean, conditioned water to every water fixture in your entire home. Showers, washing machines, sinks, refrigerators or any other fixture that is attached to the main water line will all supply bottled quality water.



Stage one removes the dirt and particulate that your water carries from it’s source through outdated water pipes. This first stage filter is a great way to preserve your home's water quality after a water main break.

Stage two removes chlorine and harmful chlorination by-products improving taste, removing unpleasant odors, and returning your home's water back to it’s natural chemistry. This second stage is a simple and affordable method of dealing with increased chlorine levels if your local municipality chooses to flush the water lines with additional chlorine.