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New Water Filtration Systems Now Allow You To Shower In Bottled Water

You might think that taking a shower with bottled water would be extremely wasteful and expensive… And it would be! The amount of plastic that would be consumed and the money it would cost would make it a very costly move that nobody would want to make.

However, what if you could take a shower with water that was just as clean as bottled water, without having to waste any plastic or spend a fortune? Would you do it? Some people would STILL say no, because they don’t see any need for this when they think about it for the first time.

Once they become informed about the amount of chlorine that is in the water that they bathe in and how much of that chlorine goes into the air, on their walls and into their lungs; then they start to realize that bathing in clean water seems like a much smarter idea!

Luckily, there are water filtration systems such as granular-activated carbon ones that actually remove the chlorine from the water as well as other chemicals! The best of these systems have a convenient point of entry that comes in right on the main water line — after it enters your home but before it splits.

Basically, it is positioned in the perfect place to allow the removal of impurities from all of the water in your home, condo, apartment, town-house, etc. This results in EVERY room in your house having de-chlorinated, filtered, clean water that tastes and smells amazing.

The first part of the system removes all of the dirt and particles that water carries with it from the water pipes that it comes from — which are usually outdated. The beginning stage filter is one of the best ways to ensure that you will have clean water in the event of a water main break.

The second stage involves removing chlorine as well as harmful byproducts that are created by chlorination. What this does is improve the taste significantly, as well as the smell by removing unpleasant odor causing chemicals and balances out the chemistry of your home’s water.

This second stage is a very easy and inexpensive way of counteracting the high chlorine levels that your local municipality may choose to flush the water lines with.

All you have to do is set this up for your home and you and your family can be drinking, showering, bathing and cooking with clean, fresh, healthy water!

Find out how you can get started today with HtruO’s state of the art water filtration system.

Is Your Tap Water Filtered? Water Standards Not Up To Date

Many of us consume water from the faucet every day, but is your tap water filtered? Many will not even give it a second thought that the water is drinkable. Misinformation about the safety of your tap water is accepted because the water quality is within our current governments set standards. Water is monitored by the government and should be free from harmful chemicals and toxins. But are these initial standards that were put into place years ago still effective today?

It’s been over thirty-five years since these laws were first enacted. Looking back, it’s almost as if we had many less toxins to worry about. And some of chemicals we thought were unobtrusive in very low levels have started to reveal some disturbing long term outcomes. Since 2004 over 60 million Americans have received drinking water that does not even meet with even the current regulated standards. With no thought, many drink this water daily with no idea of what is really in it.

Since these initial standards were put in place, many more possible hazards have been uncovered but still remain unmonitored as they were never added to the list. As an example, Manganese was never considered one of those things that needed to be regulated. Our bodies do require some levels of Manganese as a natural aide in detoxing, but in excessive amounts this element can become poisonous to humans and it has even been linked to neurological damage which can not be reversed. Currently, Manganese is not considered to be a hazard and remains unregulated. Legally, you could be getting hundreds of times more the healthy amount, and not even realize it. It is already occurring in some parts of the country. It is just one of thousands of possible hazards if you’re not drinking your tap water filtered.

Addressing the pure water issue on a large scale will likely cost tax payers billions in solid research and the upgrade of municipal water facilities nation wide. The big question is, can we afford this?

Using an HtruO point of entry filtration system that can filter water for the entire home is a step in the right direction that is available to you today. It may be years before our home water supplies are up to date. You can get your tap water filtered, as well as your entire house.

Think this may be too expensive for you? Think again. Costs of a point of entry solution can match or even beat the cost of point of use. In the end, it may just be a question of how much your health is worth to you. Are you ready to get your tap water filtered?

Improving The Taste and Smell of Your Water!

The biggest complaint we hear about tap water (or rather municipal water) is the taste and smell.

Believe me, we’ve heard it all!

  • “My water tastes like chlorine.”
  • “My water tastes like metal.”
  • “My water smells like sulfur.”
  • “My water tastes like mildew.”
  • “My water smells like rotten eggs.”

That rotten egg or sulfur smell, in most cases, is either the end result of bacteria breaking down organic matter or high iron levels in your water.

The smell and taste of municipal water is one of the leading causes of increased plastic water bottle consumption, and of course, waste. Those plastic water bottles pile up in landfills and require way too many resources to manufacture. In fact, it requires more water to make the plastic bottles than it takes to fill those same water bottles up!

We’ve even heard cases in which people have attempted to wash their children and pets with bottled water!

Water that suffers from high iron levels or hydrogen sulfide releasing bacteria has the potential to damage clothing, hair, dishware and skin. While truly hope that those same people foolishly using bottled water to clean their children and pets are not using plastic bottled water to wash their dishes and clothes!

How do you deal with that bad water taste and smell coming out of your tap? Your shower?  How can you achieve bottled water taste without bottled water waste?

The answer is simple, have a whole house water filtration system, like HtruO, installed at your apartment, condominium or house today! Whole house water filters (or point of entry water filters as they’re sometimes called) can improve the taste, smell and overall quality of all the municipal water that comes out of your faucet, bathtub, dishwasher, washing machine and shower with only one installation!

If you want bottled quality water DO NOT wash everything in your home or apartment with plastic bottled water. Instead, install an affordable point of entry water filter. Its less expensive, treats more water and is better for the environment than plastic bottles.

A point of entry water filter is the only way to provide every fixture and appliance in your home with great tasting and smelling, bottled quality water.

Clear Water, Clear Skin

Did you know that tap water often contains at least as much, sometimes more, chlorine than is recommended for use in swimming pools? It is a known fact that chlorine irritates your skin. It dehydrates it and dries it out. This is exactly what you skin hates, and many people continue to shower with chlorinated water. Internally and externally, it’s not great for you and it can easily be avoided with a whole house water filter (which is much easier than a point-of-use filter). The chlorine added to your municipal water source contacts your skin each and every shower, and also when it’s in hot water it turns to vapor and is inhaled.

A very popular myth about skincare, and more specifically acne is that chlorinated water helps acne. Where does this idea stem from? Well during the warm summer months many people enjoy there pools which are full of chlorine water. They see temporary relief from skin breakouts and acne and simply associate the two. As we mentioned, the chlorine dries your skin out which is similar to some of the harsh acne medications that used to be popular. This dried out skin will indeed give you a temporary relief from breakouts because the oils and skins cells are dried away. But this is certainly a bad idea for the long term. Dried out, dehydrated skin will eventually lead to worse skin conditions and acne as the skin’s natural balance is thrown off. Wrinkles, rashes and discolorations are all made worse by dry skin. Having chlorine free water is an easy away to avoid harsh chemicals, and ensure you are helping your skin stay soft and supple.

Using a whole house water filter, you will have fresh water at every source in your home. This is important because many people who may have just a shower filter, will then wash their faces once a day in the sink and this is still enough to irritate you. Drinking filtered water has plenty of benefits for your internal health as well, which your skin surely won’t mind. Filters are recommended by both dermatologists and beauty experts. Your hair will shine better, feel less brittle and have less irritation cause dandruff. Your skin will look radiant and feel hydrated. Finally, you will be a little more ‘chemical free’ which is always a good thing.

Install a Whole House Water Filter today and provide your entire home with healthy water and see the benefits in your skin, hair and overall health.


Stainless Steel Water Bottles: BPA Free & Eco-Friendly

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The health & beauty benefits of drinking plenty of water and the environmental benefits of reducing your carbon footprint at this point should be undeniable. Your body needs water! Lacking proper hydration leads to your body not being able to function efficiently. Being dehydrated can cause you to feel tired and if you become anymore dehydrated you begin putting your health at serious risk. Even more important than drinking water, however, is drinking clean chlorine-free water!

In order to drink the highest quality water many of us rush out to the nearest store and buy cases of plastic bottled water. Many people are opposed to drinking tap water because they’re afraid or even disgusted with tap water. Little do these plastic bottle water drinking people know but the majority of bottled water is simply tap water with better marketing. If it wasn’t enough that we’re grossly overcharged for something that we all need to live, plastic bottles are destroying both our planet and many, many lives.

As a society we’re quickly becoming aware of the long-term dangers of climate change but each year we use approximately 18 million barrels of oil to ship water across the country. In fact, the amount of oil it takes to make only one plastic water bottle would fill that same plastic bottle one third of the way the top. This makes no sense.

If the fact that bottled water requires an obscene amount of fossil fuel in order to manufacture and distribute wasn’t enough, at any given time, there are 3.5 million tons of plastic floating around in our oceans. Marine life eats this trash and the poisons travel up the food-chain ending up in humans, causing a host of life-changing illnesses. Combine the poisons and carcinogens that we’re consuming because of plastic bottles littering our oceans with the high number of toxic chemicals (arsenic, industrial solvents and even radioactive chemicals) that plastic bottles leach into our water and we have a very, very serious health issue.

Two of the biggest chemicals to watch out for are Bisphenol A (BPA) and Phthalates. These two chemicals are both found in many plastic bottles and even in some reusable plastic water bottles or metal water bottles that have plastic interiors. Phthalates and BPA are known as “endocrine disruptors” because they mimic the body’s hormones. Some studies suggest that these toxic and very widespread chemicals are a cause of breast and uterine cancer in women, decreased testosterone levels in men, and can be very harmful to young children. In laboratory tests Phthalates & Bisphenol A have both been shown to cause reproductive and neurological damage in infants.

The best solution to this multi-layered problem is to install a whole house water filter system today, make sure that everyone in your household has a reusable and safe stainless steel water bottle, like the HtruO 2 Go and to bottle your own water!

Stainless steel water bottles, like the HtruO 2 Go, are the smartest choice because they don’t leach any harmful chemicals into your water. This means that your water will taste great, smell great and will be great for you!

Chlorine Removal: What are you waiting for?


Chlorine is a necessary evil to combat diseases caused by bacteria in municipally supplied water. However, research shows that the current chlorine levels in today’s municipal water are not ideal and have many downsides. As is the case with many chemicals, prolonged exposure can be harmful. The research has been mounting for years and the dangers of drinking, showering or cleaning with heavily chlorinated water have become very clear. An affordable water filter solution capable of removing chlorine has the potential to improve the health and lives of millions of people.

First off, “what are the effects of chlorine and why are they so bad for me?” you might ask. A study in the American Journal of Public Health found that people who regularly drink tap water with high levels of chlorine have a higher risk of developing bladder and rectal cancers than people who did not. This is believed to be caused by the chlorine in the water reacting with organic and naturally-occurring elements to form toxins called trihalomethanes (THMs). These trihalomethanes have also been linked to higher miscarriage and birth defect rates in pregnant women, according to Dr. Peter Montague of the Environmental Research Foundation. In addition to an incredible need to remove chlorine from drinking water, many people find that the chlorine affects and aggravates respiratory, asthma, bronchitis and skin conditions (dry skin, dry scalp and brittle hair) prompting many people to search for affordable ways to remove chlorine from municipal water.

With an HtruO whole house water filtration system removing more than 99% of chlorine from tap water is simple. HtruO is installed on a home’s water main at the point where municipal water enters the house. HtruO removes dirt, particulates, chlorine and chlorination by-products before the plumbing splits to any fixtures. This means that after one simple installation the entire house or apartment will receive clean, dechlorinated water.

Millions of Americans are exposed to these known carcinogens by drinking unfiltered and untreated tap water. What’s shocking and is also important to note, is that many people are exposed to these harmful chemicals by inhaling chlorinated water vapor during showers or by absorbing chlorinated water through their pores. In fact, showering is suspected as the primary cause of chloroform inhalation in nearly every reported case because of the high levels of chlorine in the water. The levels of chloroform, a known carcinogen, increase up to 100 times during a ten-minute shower in residential water according to the work of Dr. Lance Wallace from the Environmental Protection Agency.

When it comes to improving your health and the health of your loved ones filtering your water is a simple and easy first step.

Visit the HtruO Products page today and take the first step towards improving the water quality in your home.