Environmental Benefits of Using Filtered Water


  • Only 1 out of 5 water bottles are ever recycled.
  • 2 million tons of PET plastic water bottles end up in our landfills annually. When incinerated these plastics release toxic by-products such as chlorine gas and ash filled with harmful heavy metals.
  • Each year the United States production of plastic water bottles requires nearly 18 million barrels of oil.
  • The amount of oil it takes to make one just one water bottle would fill that same bottle one third of the way to the top.
  • It takes over 5 gallons of water to make one 16oz bottle of water.



Think of how delivered water arrives at your home.

  • From the plant to the distributor
  • From the distributor to the store
  • From the store to your home.

How much fossil fuel has been burned? How much carbon dioxide has been emitted into our air? What total impact does this process have on our environment?

Reduce your personal carbon footprint by installing a HtruO Whole House Water Filtration System today.



Feel good about yourself and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

  • Americans buy an estimated 28 billion plastic water bottles every year.
  • Nearly 80% of those 28 billion plastic water bottles will end up in a landfill.
  • Use reusable water bottles, such as the HtruO 2 GO, and eliminate the need to buy bottled water, greatly reducing your impact on the environment.

(Source: http://earth911.com/plastic/plastic-bottles/facts-about-plastic-bottles/)