“When I learned about HtruO it made so much sense on so many levels. I have great water everywhere, I see serious savings and helping the environment means a lot to me too.”
Fred S. – Rowayton, CT
“I can now trust my tap.”
Thomas R. – Charlotte, NC
“The chlorine was so strong in our water my skin would burn after showering. Since we installed HtruO my skin glows and feels amazing!”
Francine B. – Oakton, VA
“The install process was painless. I actually take my friends down to my basement to show them my HtruO.”
Jeffery B. – Greenwich, CT
“I don't have that awful taste and smell when I lift the glass to my face anymore.”
Tom M. – Harrison, NY
“I cancelled my water delivery. Why would I pay so much when I don’t have to. Thank you HtruO!”
Danielle G. – Stamford, CT
“Every time we tell one of our friends about HtruO you can see a light bulb going on above their head. It's such an A Ha! Moment.”
Anne W. – Hopkinton, MA
“I fill my HtruO 2 Go each morning before heading to work. It gives me little piece of mind knowing I’m not contributing to a landfill somewhere.”
Rick V. – Columbia, MD