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Is Your Tap Water Filtered? Water Standards Not Up To Date

Many of us consume water from the faucet every day, but is your tap water filtered? Many will not even give it a second thought that the water is drinkable. Misinformation about the safety of your tap water is accepted because the water quality is within our current governments set standards. Water is monitored by the government and should be free from harmful chemicals and toxins. But are these initial standards that were put into place years ago still effective today?

It’s been over thirty-five years since these laws were first enacted. Looking back, it’s almost as if we had many less toxins to worry about. And some of chemicals we thought were unobtrusive in very low levels have started to reveal some disturbing long term outcomes. Since 2004 over 60 million Americans have received drinking water that does not even meet with even the current regulated standards. With no thought, many drink this water daily with no idea of what is really in it.

Since these initial standards were put in place, many more possible hazards have been uncovered but still remain unmonitored as they were never added to the list. As an example, Manganese was never considered one of those things that needed to be regulated. Our bodies do require some levels of Manganese as a natural aide in detoxing, but in excessive amounts this element can become poisonous to humans and it has even been linked to neurological damage which can not be reversed. Currently, Manganese is not considered to be a hazard and remains unregulated. Legally, you could be getting hundreds of times more the healthy amount, and not even realize it. It is already occurring in some parts of the country. It is just one of thousands of possible hazards if you’re not drinking your tap water filtered.

Addressing the pure water issue on a large scale will likely cost tax payers billions in solid research and the upgrade of municipal water facilities nation wide. The big question is, can we afford this?

Using an HtruO point of entry filtration system that can filter water for the entire home is a step in the right direction that is available to you today. It may be years before our home water supplies are up to date. You can get your tap water filtered, as well as your entire house.

Think this may be too expensive for you? Think again. Costs of a point of entry solution can match or even beat the cost of point of use. In the end, it may just be a question of how much your health is worth to you. Are you ready to get your tap water filtered?