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Start 2010 In The Green With Your HtruO to Go

How does one go about making a New Year’s Eve party “green”? Aside from fragrant evergreen trimmings you may have trimming your mantle (and that mistletoe strategically hanging in the front hall) , consider some of these additional ways when preparing your eco-friendly New Year’s Eve. Not only will these ideas help you limit waste, but you may actually find some of them entertaining, as well as making your guests feel special.

1. Renting Party Supplies

Expecting more guests than champagne glasses you own?. Cups, tablecloths, flatware, and other assorted party items can be rented and returned. You won’t have to find a place to store your party things for the other 364 days of the year, and you won’t have to wash a dish! Not to mention having to store all that extra stuff in your attic.

2. If you must go with disposable items…

Try to get biodegradable  tablecloths, or get ones made from recycled materials. Today you can even find biodegradable flatware which will compost much quicker than plastic.

3. Ask your guests about their green resolutions

One of the fun things about the New Year is to make resolutions. Skip the paper lists and use a chalk board or dry erase board, and let guests come up with their energy-saving resolutions for the upcoming year. You could make it into a party game by having the guests draw or illustrate their green resolutions, and having everyone guess what they are trying to convey (think Pictionary).

4. Decorate using recyclables

Some really fun decorations can be made with ordinary items. Cut colorful magazines into strips, make each strip into a loop, and fasten them together in a chain. Use old wine or other bottles for candle holders. Square carpet samples from the local DIY store make great coasters. And with a hole punch and some leftover holiday wrapping paper, you can make some great confetti.

5. Make a budget

It is so easy (and tempting) to over-buy food and supplies when you are caught up in the fun and excitement of party planning. Still, it’s good to get an accurate head count and buy food (locally grown and/or organic if possible) accordingly. And don’t spend on things that are not going to be noticed, like fancy toothpicks, or that can be broken easily, like delicate glass tumblers. It’s also not a faux pas to ask your friends to bring their own bubbly.

6. Make it late

Save on food costs by having your party late in the day. After 8pm, hors d’oeuvres are all you need, or desserts.

7.¬† Serve your specialty “home brewed bottled water” in the HtruO eco-friendly stainless steel bottles.

Keeping water on hand is always a good idea, and what better way to show your support for green by handing out stainless steel reusable water containers bottled specially with your own filtered water.

One of the most important things about having a green New Year’s party – besides cutting down on waste and what that means for the future of the planet – is that it serves as a reminder that friends and family are what matter, not excessive food, decorations, and so forth. We can use these difficult economic times to get back to what really matters. Going green is a great way to do that.