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Drinking Water And Weight Loss

With the New Year just around the corner, if you’re like a lot of people you may be looking to add shedding a  few pounds to the list. If you are putting together that diet, you may want to consider incorporating a water regimen to the plan. There is a long list of the benefits of water to your health in general, but making sure you are drinking enough water may be the easiest and most beneficial of all to your weight loss strategy.

Most people know that body regulation in general is reliant on a stable metabolism. Your metabolism is there to break down calories you consume and an effective metabolism aids in maintaining a regular weight.

Drinking more water can send the body a signal to let go of old stores of water in the body and allows a release that can flush out toxins and fat that the body has been holding on to. Your liver can convert stored fat into energy and also works to pick up additional strain on your kidneys. If your kidneys do not get enough water, the liver is there to pick up the slack in getting the bodies processes accomplished. Unfortunately, the harder your liver has to work to help the kidneys, the less it can help you with releasing those stored fats. Drinking ample amounts of water keeps the kidneys happy and allows the liver to do it’s thing.

While many get off to a good start with that 8 glasses a day, those who are over weight may need to go slightly above this amount to get the full benefits of water. Drinking more will obviously lead to more trips to the bathroom, and can become an annoyance to those first getting started. This in itself can become a turn off and seem a burden. Many people will get frustrated and go back to their regular drinking habits as a result. In turn, weighloss slows down and that New Years Resolution is never fully realized.

It is important to not get frustrated. When you continue to maintain drinking regular amounts of water, the body becomes confident in realizing you are not in “survival mode” and will continue to flush unnecessary excess stores of fat.

If you find you reach that point where drinking water is a burden, remind yourself of your goals and how that water is really going to make a difference. In the end, your kidneys will be happy, your liver will break down those fats, and you’re going to look great in that bikini come summer.