Whole House Water Filter Systems

Choose the right size water filter based on your home's water needs.


HtruO 2 GO – Stainless Steel Water Bottle

HtruO 2 Go - Stainless Steel water bottle

Bottle your own water! The HtruO 2 Go is a safe, reusable stainless steel water bottle. The HtruO 2 Go makes it easy to enjoy delicious, clean water where ever you may go. Take the water & forget the chemicals! Bottling your own water is cheaper, healthier and better for the environment than buying tons of plastic bottles. $9.99 + S&H More Info


Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

Each system requires both the pleated and carbon filter. The pleated, 5 micron sediment filter removes dirt and particles, while the 5 micron activated carbon filter removes chlorine and chlorination-by-products.

Receiving Replacement Cartridges



Through our Evergreen Filter Replacement Program you will never have to think about when to change your filter cartridges or where to buy them. During your checkout process you will have the opportunity to Opt-Out of this. If you do not opt-out, every six months your credit card on file will be charged for the cost of the filter cartridges plus shipping.