Whole House Water Filter Systems

  • Metro Model - Whole House Filtration Unit


  • Hydro Model - Whole House Filtration Unit


  • Eco Model - Whole House Filtration Unit


Large homes require a higher flow rate and the HtruO Eco is the right size water filter system for the job. The HtruO Eco removes chlorine, chlorine-by-products, dirt and particulate from municipal water improving the smell, taste and overall quality of all the water that enters your home. Protect your entire house with a HtruO Whole House Water Filtration System.

HtruO Eco is meant for:

  • Baths – 3-5
  • Piping – 1” or 1.5”

Space required - H 30” x W 24” x D 10”


With Standard Install through Service Magic – $799.00
Note: Purchase includes first filter cartridges.