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Who Should Become an AquaFiliateTM?

Stay at Home Parents
You cannot put a price tag on the rewards of being a stay at home mom, but let's face it — kids are expensive. By joining our affiliate program you can help earn money for your family without missing all of those special moments.

Between Jobs
Finding a new job is a job in itself. The bills are piling up and your search is taking longer than expected. Earn needed income as an affiliate of HtruO while continuing your job search or end your search and sell HtruO full time!

College should be one of the best times of your life, but with tuition, room and board and the cost of books, who can afford to have fun? Becoming an affiliate can help you pay for next semester or provide cash when you want to reward yourself after exams.

You have worked hard to get to where you are and you still have a lot of living to do. Maybe your fixed income cannot afford you the lifestyle you are accustomed to. Maybe your retirement investments have been negatively affected by the economy. Become an affiliate of HtruO and supplement your income while selling a product that makes good old fashioned common sense.

Extra Income
Does money seem to go out faster than it comes in? Becoming an affiliate of HtruO can help with that imbalance. Work as much or as little as you like and earn extra income. Maintain your current work schedule while making paying the bills a little less painful.

A great deal of feedback we receive on HtruO is how it positively affects hair and skin. Removing dirt and chlorination by-products makes hair softer and skin glow. Become an affiliate, recommend HtruO to your clients and boost your monthly income.

Military Families
HtruO's founder's family served our country. We know firsthand the challenge to make ends meet while serving then facing the question of what to do post dis-charge. Become an affiliate and make those ends meet then charge into acareer of spreading the word about HtruO.

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